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Supporting a product is a whole-life activity.  In aerospace, defence and high technology industries it is a responsibility, a customer requirement and a challenge.  We understand products are unique, users are unique, suppliers are unique and they are all distributed in a time dependent geographical network.

In 1838 Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini, in his book The Art of War, stated "Is logistics simply a science of detail?"  The question is made and answered in seven words.  Today the subject of logistics and its related disciplines and operational requirements is a multi-discipline science with very many details.

Resourcing, supply chain management and logistics support

Technical issues are addressed in practical elements, considering systems and systems of systems, their modelling and interfaces.  Supportability, maintenance policies, reliability and warranty are included in the design of support.  Choice of data models and the demand for data interchange are balanced with end-user requirements and life cycle cost.  Development of records for systems and individual equipment logistics records is supported.

Quotec has a comprehensive background in analysing support requirements and assisting clients develop appropriate strategies, operational solutions and tactical responses.  We utilize the theories and principles of life cycle management and work with customers to evolve their specific, tailored, flexible, scalable and adaptable solutions.  We work to ensure a balance is achieved in developing the correct metrics, the needs of affordability and the supply chain harmonization with the value chain.  The international experience of our staff provides value added opportunities for our clients particular supply chain goals.

Product life cycle management

Systems engineering support

Know-how transfer is a natural part of our services but as required training needs analysis can be performed and bespoke workshops developed for any gap analysis.  Standard off-the-shelf training modules can be conducted individually, or as part of any support project.

Education and training