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Systems engineering support services

Quotec provide interim support for certification, safety and reliability technical services for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, simulators, land systems, rolling stock and individual equipment.  Quotec has a record of safety assessments and reliability analysis programmes across 34 certification programmes on 26 types of aircraft, (fixed wing and rotorcraft) and engines.  We partner clients to gain certification and acceptance by delivering robust assessments and analysis which we stand by.

Safety is not absolute and therefore we consider that safety programmes must be proportionate, realistic and economical.  We conduct safety analysis based on the international and regional regulations, acceptable means of compliance, guidance material and industry standards.  Investigation and reporting of potential or actual unsafe conditions is supported with test, analyse and fix recommendations.

Reliability is addressed by conducting formal reliability programmes that are tailored to the specific requirements and based on only value added activities. We support the full scope of life cycle reliability from configuration, to allocation, to predication, to in-service recording and failure analysis.  Root cause analysis can be carried out as an independent activity or integrally with a client.

Certification, safety and reliability

The cost of sustainment is a design parameter.  We support design authorities and operators with maintainability and testability policies, methods and analysis for eliminating, minimizing and optimizing maintenance.  Integrated management techniques are used to evolve the best strategies for maintainability design, test design and maintenance planning.  As maintenance is a certification requirement, central to maintenance support is our assistance for fulfilling the regulatory requirements for certification and fulfilling Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) requirements.

Our experience includes the application of Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA), MSG-3 and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).  However, and most importantly we know well the overlapping and interrelationships of operations requirements, safety, reliability, availability and documentation.  To address economic issues, clients are supported with clear policy and process guidance on avoiding duplication of information generation for maintenance instructions.  Included are the considerations and actions required for record-keeping, the equipment life cycle and evolution of maintenance programmes, warranty issues, tasks and intervals, for operators and equipment in-service life.

Maintainability, testability and maintenance

Availability is key to enable operators to maximize systems utilization.  Resourcing is a life cycle activity and the basis for achieving high availability and response times.  Quotec apply the best practices from aviation, aerospace and defence to provide active and responsive supply solutions.  We have a track record in delivering logistics analysis and supply support solutions in industry standard data forms and formats.

Product life cycle support is a core competence of Quotec GmbH. See our support solutions page.   

Resourcing, supply chain management and logistics support

Quotec have provided direct support on 14 helicopter type and supplemental type certification programmes.

Helicopter certification


The scope of our safety, reliability, maintainability, maintenance support is from top system level , through sub-system to equipment board level.  

Analysis to board level

Quotec have supported 13 fixed wing type certification programmes, including mechanical and avionic systems.

Fixed wing certification

Quotec provide practical solutions based on best practice and the standards of ISO 15288 and the INCOSE Systems Engineering guidance.