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Quotec provide education, training and professional development solutions for Organizations, Managers, Engineers and Education, Training Practitioners and Investors.  The events are developed as: bespoke packages, tailored subject matter courses, or off-the-shelf modules.  Training standards are based on ISO 9000, ISO 90004, ISO 10015 and ISO/IEC 15288 with other standards applied as and when appropriate.  Air law and national regulations with supranational regulations are included.

Training services cover: requirements/contracts assessment and development; training needs analysis (TNA); gap assessment; syllabus, media and material development; delivery; auditing and evaluation; technical English; simplified technical English.  Check our WORKSHOP and SEMINAR SERIES.

Training media includes digital and hard copy: task analysis; syllabus and timetable; trainer notes and media; delegate notes and media; course administration.

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Most systems are highly complex and expensive to support.  With reducing budgets, skill levels for supply chain management, procurement, obsolescence and logistics need training to keep availability at acceptable levels.

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Not many items of equipment are stand-alone.  Quotec provides safety, reliability, maintainability and testability training as an integrated subject.  We don’t ignore the regulations and fundamentals.

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Safe flight is the ultimate goal of designers, operators, maintainers and regulators.  Quotec support clients with training in systems safety for design, operation and continuing airworthiness of fixed and rotary wing systems.

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