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Quotec GmbH/Ltd
Poststrasse 6
CH-6300 Zug

+41 (0)41 460 3067 -
Quotec location
Quotec's offices are located in the business friendly city of Zug, central Switzerland.
By road we are less than 30 minutes from Zurich, 40 minutes from Zurich international airport and about one hour 30 minutes from Bern.  And an 8-minute environmental friendly and fitness walk from the Zug main railway station.
Quotec history

Since 1998 Quotec GmbH have been delivering innovative and "what works best" pragmatic solutions.  We support the aerospace, defence, security, transport, and technology industries. Our services have been delivered to commercial entities, non-profit organizations, Governments, education establishments, financial institutes, investors, major corporations, SMEs and startups.
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