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Systems Life Cycle Management, Engineering, Education

Systems engineering
Our support and skilled resources

Complex systems
Humanity depends on natural and human made systems, some simple, mostly complex. Described as systems of systems, a transparent and fundamental understanding is required to work with their tangible and intangible elements, and tangible and intangible interfaces. We support customers with:
  • Science based systems engineering
  • Natural and social science considerations
  • Solution scoping and modelling
  • Life cycle accounting
  • Functional thinking
  • Simulations, digital twins
  • Pragmatic implementation
Information proficiency
We treat information as a high-value asset and work with clients to provide integrated systems solutions. Particular attention is paid to its boundaries, planning, reform, and execution with:
  • Standards
  • Implementation assistance
  • Business rules
  • Configuration control
  • Working dictionaries and e-libraries
  • Writing and style guides
  • Technical information production guides
  • Quality procedures and publishing
  • Data security, access, archiving

Product certification support
Approval, acceptance, and certification support has been provided to 14 helicopter, 13 fixed wing, 3 land systems, 2 rail projects, 3 technology programmes, and 4 organizations.  Services have included:
  • Policy development
  • Certification for products and organizations
  • Systems safety assessment programmes
  • Reliability analysis to board level
  • Maintainability design and maintenance programmes
  • Integrated logistic support and sustainment
  • Training analysis and development
Safety, reliability, root cause
Quotec provide safety risk assessments, reliability and root cause analysis support for systems to equipment level, and specific subjects, based on international standards, and local regulations, with:
  • Concept of operations architecture
  • Functional, physical modelling
  • Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • System Safety Assessment (SSA)
  • Particular risks and common mode analysis
  • Dependence Diagrams Analysis (DDA)
  • Development Assurance Levels (DAL) assessment
  • System Safety Assessment (SSA)
  • Safe Life Assessment (SLA)
Methods are determined as: required, appropriate, proportionate, effective, economic.
Functional hazard assessment
The most important safety risk assessment is the Functinal Hazard Assessment (FHA) but it must not be done without a full scope of interfaces.
An FHA is primarily recognized as a safety element of a design, but it is also a decision-making tool and a through-life, active record for designers, manufacturers, operators, maintainers and regulators.  The FHA is a low-cost assessment method as it looks at functions which are much cheaper than physical items.  Conducting a FHA gives a basis for developing the safety case for product integrity and marketing.   
Technical publications
Documentation and publications production are a significant part of enterprise costs, affecting decision making and times-to-consumer. Environmental compliance will increase document demand for written evidence. We provide:
  • Integrated information solutions
  • S1000D implementation and project planning
  • Technical documents and manuals production
  • Controlled and simplified technical English
  • Information exchange
  • XML data formats
Procurement, supply chain and integrated logistic are essential support functions for a systems solution. Globalization means complex modelling of the networks required to delivery and remove products for disposal, repair, or re-purpose. Energy transition cannot happen if the support infrastructure is not in place. Quotec provide guidance and resources on developing models and records for:
  • Operations and maintenance requirements
  • Part and system metrics, and task analysis
  • Support and test equipment
  • Facilities and personnel
  • Packaging, handling, storage, transport

Products are realized over time, with processes, resources, and controls, while acknowledging and taking into account interfaces and relationships.
We provide clients with adaptable, scalable and dynamic support, unhindered by the constrains of larger organizations, and with up-to-date, future proofed solutions.
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