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Systems engineering services
Complex systems life cycle engineering, management, education

Pragmatic - what-works, life cycle solutions
Advisory and technical project management, engineering, and education services for:
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Transport
  • Technology
Solutions are based on the applicable laws, regulations and standards, and implemented using integrated life cycle and systems engineering best practice.
Rega helicopter over Sempacher see
Responding to the challanges
The environment is one of today's greatest challenges. Commitments for a carbon-neutral future means new thinking, new technologies, and new ways of operation. The use of earth resources, sustainable energy, acceptable emissions and the safe disposal of materials, are significant global challenges. Quotec are delivering advisory services and system engineering support for viable, sustainable solutions for the certification of these new technology systems and their suppliers.

Energy transition
Industry commitments for a carbon-neutral future means advanced technologies in compliance with appropriate rules. The new propulsion and energy storage systems, using sustainable fuels/hydrogen, and hybrid-electric/all-electric, are the future.

Quotec are delivering airworthiness and systems engineering services for certification of these applications. Appropriate safety risk assessments and revised methods for availability, reliability and maintainability are integrated. We provide bespoke architecture models with updated algorithms to calculate realistic levels of service.
Supporting innovation
In today's highly complex technical, legal and regulatory environment, Quotec maintain an up-to-date awareness of regulations, means and methods of compliance, technology, materials, environmental issues, energy, and processes to assist clients realize viable, safe, compliant, approved products and services, i.e. the art-of-the-possible.
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