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Course materials include handouts and exercises in colour in English, hard-copy and electronic form, including templates, on  a USB stick.

Systems life cycle management and systems engineering modules – 2017

Continued professional development means education and training for the relevant and future business conditions.  With continuous changes to technology, the operating business environment and other socio-economic issues, investments in productivity improvements need to be relevant.  To meet these challenges our 2017 workshop and seminar portfolio has been updated.

Workshop materials and media

Quotec 2017 workshops/seminars

The events are conducted on-site, or alternatively at a local venue, or Quotec depending on customer requirements. Bespoke packages can be arranged.      

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Our 2017 workshops and seminars cover the following topics:

These are intensive one-day or half day events to gain knowledge for decision making and develop practical skills and capabilities.  Courses address the essential requirements for compliance claims and gaining: Type Certification (TC), Supplemental Type Certification (STC), Technical Standard Orders (TSO) and Changes (major/minor).  Basic business operations and engineering topics are addressed and are supported with appropriate methods for the challenges of the regulatory requirements, including: technology advances, operating environment changes and socio-economic issues. For real productive events, attendees are requested to bring along actual projects, or tasks as examples – if confidentiality permits.

Current workshops and seminars

The courses are based on the regulations of ICAO, EASA and the FAA. Additionally the related AMCs, GM, Acs and industry standard from ISO, the SAE and the RTCA are included.

Primary references

A small investment for a big return.


The workshops/seminars are developed from decades of industry experience by Quotec, its partners and associates.  The events address key essential elements and practical methods for effective, efficient and affordable life cycle management and systems engineering applications.  Activities are highly interactive and practical as required.  The scope embraces affordability and the use of basic tools and applications.  Clients are advised to conduct a task analysis and provide a clear gap statement.  Quotec can assist.

Workshop/Seminar development